Happy Hen Farm

Organic Pest Control

Here in our backyard farm we use organic methods of pest and disease control. We rely on the recipes of Howard Garrett as well as the products sold at our local organic garden center when treating issues that arise. Since it is better to try an avoid problems if at all possible, we try to choose plants that are adapted to our area on the premise that a well adapted plant has a better chance of being a healthy plant (though occasionally we give in to pure desire and plant something far out, like a lilac or Lily of the Valley). When we do take a chance on something not suited for our area we do so knowing that it might not look the way it's 'supposed' to.

We deal with weeds in the garden by hand weeding. Anything we pull up gets tossed to the chickens. They have a great time scratching them apart and picking bugs out of the root balls. In the past I have sprayed weeds with vinegar, but over time have found it easier to just pull them when I see them. We do own a container of Roundup but have never used it. We actually plan on taking it to the hazardous chemical drop off the next time we go.

In addition, we also maintain an organic approach in our beehives and do not use chemical methods of pest and disease control.


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